Thro My Eyes CD

The Deluxe Edition of Thro’ My Eyes: A Memoir comes with an accompanying double CD of Iain’s songs. This CD is exclusively available with the Deluxe Edition. The track listing and the source album of each track listed below.


01. Thro’ My Eyes
If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes

02. When I Was A Boy
The Art of Obscurity

03. This Train
God Looked Down

04. In London
The Dark Ride

05. Even The Guiding Light
Fat Lady Singing

06. Knowing the Game
Journeys From Gospel Oak

07. Road To Ronderlin
Kind of New

08. In Spite of Myself
Joy Mining

09. Jive Pyjamas
Like a Radio

10. Rhythm of the West
Go For Broke

11. You Don’t See Me
Siamese Friends

12. Money
Kind of New

13. God’s Eye View
Joy Mining


1. Ghost Changes
The Art of Obscurity

2. Sight Unseen
Excerpts From Swine Lake

3. God Looked Down
A Baker’s Dozen

4. Tigers Will Survive. Part Two (Darcy’s Song)
The Dark Ride

5. Back of the Bus
Live Unissued

6. Meaning To Life
More Than a Song

7. One Door Opens
Zumbach’s Coat

8. Joy Mining
Demo Unissued

9. Pebbles In The Road
The Art of Obscurity

10. The Rains of ’62
Pure and Crooked


All songs by Iain Matthews

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